About IBIZA Cluster.

2019 POJcity launches its first stage with residential products covering an area of ​​+ – 6 hectares, under the name IBIZA Cluster.

Cluster Ibiza has a unique concept by carrying the spirit and young spirit but combined with the culture of the city of Semarang, this can be seen from the design and exterior appearance of a tropical minimalist and quite large road lines. On the front main road row is 36 meters and the road lines in the smallest housing are 11 meters. From the width of this road, we can see that this IBIZA cluster supports the comfort of residents in enjoying accidental road access as well as the IBIZA Cluster located closest to POJcity’s main gate and right next to Central Park which is a recreational and gathering place for residents to get interact.

Thus the residents of the IBIZA Cluster are able to reflect the environment of residents who live in a young, happy and harmonious spirit in harmony with their nature in gathering and chatting with the environment.

cluster ibiza siteplan

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